5 Reasons to Move from ‘Trailer Parks’ to Mobile Home Parks

Defying Old ‘Trailer Park’ Stereotypes

The term “trailer park” or “trailer home” carry some strong negative connotations that many people can’t seem to shake. When most people think about those terms they envision rundown neighborhoods, dilapidated structures, and sketchy communities.

Hollywood has painted a bleak picture of what these communities look like. These depictions are what they may have looked like before the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development(HUD) set regulations. 

A modern mobile home community is no longer sketchy or unsafe to live in. There are currently 40,000 plus parks in America that will prove that point. Where you thought you might find a community of shady characters you’ll instead find friendly neighborhoods, pruned lawns, and attractive homes. Most mobile homeowners know these facts about living in a mobile home community and believe it’s time for the general public to follow suit. Here are some more reasons why…


  1. Mobile Home Parks Have Come a Long Way

The mobile home communities of today are full of residents that live there year-round and take great pride in their homes and properties. Most look more like condominium communities with many impressive features and amenities including the following:

  • Clubhouses that boast pools, community centers, and tennis courts
  • Organized activities like bingo or fundraising
  • Access to nature and scenic views, including oceanfront options!
  • A built-in community of like-minded residents and reliable neighbors or friends
  • Recreation for all ages including parks and playgrounds
  • Included community services such as water, electricity and even lawn maintenance


2. Mobile Homes are Regulated by HUD

HUD has set certain standards for mobile home living and these standards have been in place since June 15, 1976. These standards ensure that homes are up to housing codes and are safe, healthy, durable and eco-friendly. Any manufactured home must also meet specific size standards. HUD also requires that manufactured homes employ certain fire retardant materials and have installed and functioning smoke alarms in all living rooms and bedrooms.


3. Manufacturing Has Drastically Improved

Because of HUD requirements, mobile homes have improved drastically along with new efficient manufacturing techniques and equipment. Larger manufacturers are able to produce five to eight new homes a day providing home buyers with many options. Some homes are built to withstand hurricane winds since special models are required for high wind zones according to HUD regulations.


4. Mobile Homes Don’t Move

While the name may give the image of a home on wheels mobile homes don’t actually move except for the initial trip from manufacturer to their final destination. Once a home has been delivered and installed it will stay permanently for decades. They are built with a permanent chassis and wheels but are not RVs, they are intended to stay put. This means that with a permanent location you’ll have permanent residents and the same feel of a traditional neighborhood.


5. They’re Nice, Plain and Simple

Gone are the days of flat roof single-wides, those looking for a manufactured home option will find there are many design and style choices to choose from. You can personalize your home with your pick of finishes, architectural styles, and sizes. There are many variations from a coastal Cape Cod to a rustic chalet so you’re sure to find a perfect fit for you and your family.


Changing the Perception of Mobile Homes

Those that have had the pleasure of living in a mobile home community know that the perception is far from reality. As more and more people choose to take advantage of mobile home communities we will soon see the outdated perception change from negative to positive.


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