Advice for Mobile Home Buyers

Buying a mobile home is not the same as buying a site-built (traditional) home.

The reason is because a lot of the same protections that are established for site-built homebuyers are not available for manufactured home buyers.

The responsibility falls solely on the homebuyer to ensure that their home is built, installed, financed and insured appropriately.

This article will help set you up for success so that you can move forward in your manufactured home purchase without issue.

Homebuyers looking to purchase a site-built home, or even a previously owned manufactured home on a current property, with the assistance of a realtor benefit from certain protections.

The first benefit that a homebuyer has is the assistance of a realtor.

A realtor works on behalf of a homebuyer, a proper realtor will have no ties with a seller or a particular bank.

This relationship ensures that a homebuyer is represented fairly.

The second benefit comes when it’s time to inspect the prospective home.

Before committing to purchasing a home the prospective buyer will arrange for a licensed inspector of their choosing to inspect the home.

This assures that there is no affiliation between the company and the seller.

Every inch of the home is inspected for termites, potential issues pertaining to the foundation, electrical systems and plumbing systems.

After the inspection is conducted the buyer is given a report containing images of the inspection and detailed descriptions of the results of the inspection.

If any problems are found the buyer has the opportunity to walk away from the potential purchase with no repercussions.

Typically, the seller will correct any issues found that would keep the buyer from purchasing the home.

In this kind of purchase the buyer holds most of the power during this process.

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