Can I rent a mobile home?

Mobile home is less expensive and easy to own. However, if you do not intent to buy a mobile home and just want to live there for a couple of years, it is possible though. In fact, other homeowners want to rent out their mobile homes as a rental investment. Other states require leases for renting mobile homes. If you decided to be a tenant of a mobile home, you are entitled to certain rights whether you rent a big or small one. Although the federal government guarantees your rights under the Fair Housing Act, you have obligations as a tenant, as well. There are three basic ways for you to rent a mobile home to live in. By far the most common options are either to rent a home and a lot within a mobile home park directly or to rent a home owned by someone else within a mobile home park. It is easy to see why someone would choose this lifestyle over those cramped spaces provided by cheap apartments.

Consequently, it should be relatively easy to keep your home leased out as long as the rent is fair and the home is in good condition. In renting in a mobile home park, check your lease agreement carefully. Ask who takes care of repairs and maintenance to the home and lot; ask what happens once your lease ends or if the park sold during the term of your contract. Take a tour of the grounds and look over the home carefully. Before you even look at what it means to live in a rented out mobile home, you probably want to know how much it costs and whether you can afford it. The main advantage that mobile home living enjoys over real estate, apartments, and condominiums, it is relatively low cost. Rent for both the mobile home and a lot within a park could be as little less in most cases. Before renting a mobile home, consider also the health and safety issues on the place. The minimum standards for maintaining common areas and facilities such as roads, walkways and utility services in mobile home parks was established by the law.

The local government or state agency is responsible for inspecting mobile home parks to ensure that they meet the required government health and safety standards. The municipal building codes officer or health officer can inspect individual mobile home rentals in the community to investigate for health and safety violations upon receiving a complaint. Make sure to find out if your mobile home park has any community meetings or groups that discuss tenants’ issues or where people meet to discuss general living inside it. Whether a mobile home is located in a mobile home park or on an individual lot, tenants who violate the rules of the rental agreement can evicted. When you already sign the contract in renting a mobile home in a mobile home park, expect to follow rules relating to parking, noise, pets, use of common facilities and property maintenance. Usually, mobile home parks are also located outside of the busiest parts of the cities, which mean you get to breathe some more fresh air with a relaxing surrounding and be closer to nature.

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