Finding the Perfect Retirement Community in Florida

Finding the Perfect Retirement Community in Florida

If you’re starting to think about retirement and where you’ll spend those golden years you’ve probably considered moving to a warmer and sunnier destination like a community in Florida. Making a move to Florida is a very popular choice as evidence of the many friendly residential communities that Florida offers. With so many communities offered it can take some time to find the right community for you. Here are some tips on how to find the right Florida retirement community.


Why Moving to Florida is Such a Popular Choice for Retirees

20 percent of Florida’s population is 65 years and older. So it stands that Florida is a very common place for many to retire. It’s ideal for various reasons including the social life, year-round weather and the cost benefits. Every person is different is what they want for retirement but here are some reasons why many choose Florida as the place for their retirement.

No Income Tax and No Tax on Social Security Benefits

Florida is one of only seven states that have no state income tax. For those seniors who desire to continue working through retirement, this is a big plus. And because the state doesn’t tax Social Security benefits that mean you’re able to get the best return from every one of your retirement checks.

Great Place to Downsize

With so many mobile and manufactured homes for sale in Florida, it means there are many options for downsizing, cutting costs and still maintaining your personal space and independence.

The Warm Weather

Studies have shown that the older you get the lower your body temperature becomes. With age, we become more sensitive to colder weather and so a move to sunny Florida is just the ticket for many looking for a warmer climate to retire in.


Community Considerations

With so many options for buying a mobile home in Florida, it can be overwhelming when beginning your search. You’ll want to consider manufactured home prices, possible new mobile homes for sale and the surrounding communities that they are connected to. You’ll first want to look at the different types and what suits you the best in order to find your ideal match.

Your Ideal Florida Retirement Lifestyle

What are you looking for in a retirement community? Is it the great outdoors? Maybe it’s staying active with recreational sports and/or clubs. Do you prefer planned social events? Or are you looking for a place where you can rest and find some peace and solitude? Each manufactured home community has its own unique culture, so you’ll want to find those that check most of what you’re looking for.

Do You Plan to Have Visitors Often?

If you plan to have family or grandchildren visiting often you may consider a community that offers a variety of shared spaces. Swimming pools, clubhouses, event halls or other recreational facilities will ensure that your guests have a great time. You may also consider purchasing a mobile home located on a good amount of land which will provide you with ample space for entertaining.

Do You Own a Pet?

If you plan to bring a pet along with you you’ll want to consider communities that allow pets. For those that do allow pets, you’ll also want to ask about their “pet welcome” policies that are in place for resident health and safety. Alternatively, if you are allergic or want to avoid pets you can locate communities that do not allow pets.

Where in the State of Florida do you want to be?

As they say, it’s all about location, location, location. When thinking about where you would like to live consider where you’ll want to spend most of your time. Would you prefer to be by the water, a city or maybe by the airport? Be sure to take time to explore the surrounding areas of the communities you’re considering.


Finding Your Ideal Florida Retirement Home

Each individual is different and each will prioritize different things, making sure you find the location that fits your needs best will be the ultimate goal. This will be the key to helping you find the perfect Florida retirement community for you and will help you narrow down the many options available to you. A great place to start is with the Florida Manufactured Housing Association. It’s a great resource for homeowners and residents and will help get you started in your search for the perfect location to retire!



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