The Benefits of Living in a Mobile Home Retirement Community

You might be at a stage in life where you’re starting to think about retirement and what that lifestyle will look like. You may be thinking about leisurely activities in the afternoon, various social events or help with things like cleaning and tending to the yard. Most people think in order to achieve these goals they will have to move from their current location or make sure they get on a waiting list for a local independent living center. The reality is there is a third option, the option to live a retirement community lifestyle in a senior mobile home park. It’s very likely that you’ll find one near you and within your price range.

There are many different kinds of communities that cater to a wide variety of individual preferences. Some are located on the water, others have avid golfing communities, miles of hiking trails, civic outings and anything else you might imagine.

Here are some of the biggest reasons retirees choose to find a comfortable life in a 45+ or 55+ retirement community.

Built-In Social Scene

Once you join a community you can quickly get plugged into many clubs and social outings. It’s one of the most important requirements to vital physical and mental health and is widely accessible within a retirement community. Many studies have shown that there are strong benefits between aging and socializing.

Recreation in Your Backyard

Daily exercise is something that’s recommended for every age group but it is even more important in our later years. Statistics show that only one in four seniors exercises regularly. Being a part of a community where you can get plugged into exercise groups or activities like swimming at the local pool, utilizing the tennis courts and/or shuffleboard courts gives you a leg up. 

The Low-Maintenance Lifestyle

Typical common areas of a community such as the front gate, community gardens, walking, and recreation paths are maintained for you at no extra cost. Additionally, most communities offer packages that include mowing, weeding, and other lawn maintenance. Homes are already designed with the lowest level of maintenance in mind. They are made with uniform parts that you can order in minutes and a smaller home also means less to care for, less to decorate and furnish as well.

More Independent Living, No Apartments

Apartment or condo living can mean sacrificing privacy with shared walls or closer living quarters. It can also mean no designated parking spaces, patios, porches or gardens. Conversely manufactured home living provides much more privacy and independence. A mobile home community gives residents the benefits of a private residence and also the lower maintenance and social events that apartments and condos offer for a fraction of the cost.


Buying your own mobile home means creating ease in personalizing your home for your own needs. You can easily design a home that provides easy access for showers and tubs and you can have the height of your kitchen and washroom surfaces lowered as well. In addition, most mobile homes are single-story and can easily have an access ramp or modified entry. All of these preferences can easily be discussed with your retailer if they are modifications you wish to implement in your new home.

Finding Mobile Homes in Retirement Communities for Retirees

If you’re considering buying a mobile home in a manufactured home retirement community search “age-restricted mobile home communities in your area”. A mobile home community will help you make the most of your retirement years. Whether your aim is to make more friends, become more active or have someone else maintain your household needs a mobile home retirement community can meet your needs.


Our inventory list changes on a daily basis so feel free to contact us with questions or concerns that you may have. We are here to help with any of your mobile home housing needs.

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