The Pros and Cons of Living in a Mobile Home

We typically measure our home living experience by whether a home is efficient, comfortable to live in and cost-effective, one option that is often overlooked is living in a manufactured or mobile home. Manufactured homes are prefabricated and built in a factory. After it’s been built it’s then transported to a piece of land and this process makes the home very affordable and makes choosing a location for living more flexible.

Pros: Affordable, High-Quality and Eco-Friendly

  1. Cost – Save Money by Buying a Mobile Home

Mobile home prices are much lower than standard homes, this is because it costs less per square foot to build. If you’re not convinced take a look at new mobile homes for sale online. The cost of the mobile homes for sale will vary depending on location and the type of model you choose. Even still manufactured homes cost much less than traditional homes. In 2018 the average price for a brand new single-wide manufactured home was $51,371, meanwhile, the average cost for homes and condos was $255,000. In addition, because building costs are lower in a mobile home you’re able to get more amenities for a fraction of the regular cost for a standard home.

2. Flexibility – Own or Rent

You can choose to own or you can choose to rent a mobile home. If you currently live in an apartment making the move to mobile home will mean upgrading to have your own yard and parking space. You also won’t be sharing any walls with neighbors and have more privacy. You can have all of these perks without committing to a mortgage if you choose to rent. Those who choose to own their own manufactured home have great options as well. Since the average cost of a mobile home is a fraction of the cost of a standard home your monthly mortgage payment will be much more affordable. If you can include a down payment upfront this brings your monthly payment even lower.

3. Speed – Have a New Home Quicker

If you were looking to purchase a brand new site-built home the process of purchasing land, selecting a builder, designing the interior and constructing the home can take between eight months to several years. Mobile home only takes a month on average to select and install.

4. Quality

Manufactured and mobile homes are mass-produced in a quality controlled environment. This means that the materials that are used for building are tested to work on a large assortment of homes. Most of the common issues that site-built homes face are eliminated by the factory. In addition, because the homes are more affordable and a wide range of people are purchasing mobile homes there are more amenities and luxuries to choose from.

5. Built-in Community

If you choose to live within a community there are many different kinds to choose from. There are communities specifically for retirees, travelers and young families. Most of these communities have many different kinds of social events and also boast excellent parks, community pools, playgrounds, picnic areas and walking trails. You’re very likely to find a community that’s a perfect fit for your needs.

6. Eco-Friendly

Choosing a mobile home is a great choice if you’re looking for a green home that doesn’t contribute to carbon emissions or other environmental issues. The manufacturing of a mobile home creates less waste and uses less water and energy to construct. Newer mobile homes for sale are also extremely efficient which will help you save money and energy with heating and cooling.

The Cons: Renting Space and Space Considerations

  1. Don’t Procrastinate

Probably the biggest con of considering a mobile home is that people get stuck on the misconceptions of what it’s like living in a mobile home. Once you realize that the misconceptions aren’t true you’ll wish you had made the switch much sooner.

2. Pets

Most manufactured home communities welcome pets. You should be aware though that if you more than a few pets, own larger breeds or dangerous/exotic animals you may find there are some restrictions or fees

3. Single Level is the Norm

Typically most mobile homes are single-story so if you’re looking to buy a larger multi-level home or a home with a basement, a manufactured home may not be the best solution for you.

4. Suburban, Not Urban

Manufactured home communities are often built in areas where there is an abundance of land. That usually means there aren’t built within city limits. While this doesn’t mean there won’t be many amenities nearby if you’re looking to walk to work or you enjoy the nightlife this may not be the ideal choice for you.

5. Minimizing

Often minimizing is the name of the game when moving into a manufactured home. You’ll find that extends to the outside of the home as well as mobile homes are often placed on smaller plots of land. While these smaller plots can easily be maintained it may not be ideal if you own an RV or camper. You may want to explore the option of a community that offers on-site storage if that’s the case for you.

All Housing Has Pros and Cons

Any place you choose to live will have its pros and cons the key is to find the place that checks most of your boxes. Living in a mobile home or a manufactured home community gives you a lot of options because they are so cost-effective and have so much more to offer than your average communities.

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